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Eating dozens of health products a day can really be a good health?

Eating dozens of health products a day can really be a good health?

Recently, there is a variety show, very popular, called the daily life of a female artist living alone.

A clip that appeared inside made me notice that a female artist ate a variety of health products before going to bed.

I looked at it and felt that if I ate so much before bedtime, I would probably not sleep.

  Here we do not discuss the variety show itself. We can simply talk about the health products appearing in it and see if they are all worthy of the name.

  1 whitening oral solution is so-called, one white covering three ugly.

Whether the race is fair is mainly related to the amount of melanin.

There are two remaining points in determining the race: one is genetics, and the other is sun protection.

  The main ingredients of whitening products on the market: vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, tranexamic acid, L-cysteine, arbutin, etc.

  The purpose of these ingredients is to suppress the formation of melanin, but it depends on the individual’s constitution if they can turn white.

  2 Grape Seed Grape seed contains oligomeric procyanidin, which is said to be antioxidant and anti-aging.

But the only research that did not provide enough evidence to prove its efficacy on antioxidant and anti-aging.

  3 Collagen The main collagen is digested and broken down.

Collagen in most foods is a macromolecular protein with low absorption.

The effect of small-molecular-weight collagen oral solution is unknown, and a lot of controversy in academia.

  4 vitamins When supplementing vitamins, we must first know whether the body is deficient in vitamins.

According to how to know, it is best to go to the hospital for relevant examinations.

  Not everyone needs vitamin supplements, it depends on individual circumstances.

For example, if you usually eat less grains, you can add B vitamins.

  5 eye protection pills The main ingredients of eye protection pills are lutein, anthocyanins, zeaxanthin and the like.

These ingredients are indeed good for eye health, and they are also found in fruits and vegetables that are consumed daily.

  But considering our usual eye conditions, eating this is really not enough for us to make.

No flesh and no joy, the five elements quit green, keep their eyes on, no amount of eye pills to eat.

  If you want to protect your eyes, you still have to use your eyes scientifically.

  6 Hugan Tablets Hugan Tablets should be familiar to everyone, after all, it has been bombed by advertising.

The best way to protect your liver: Eat a healthy diet, smoke less and drink alcohol, avoid repeated medications, and less exposure to chemicals.

  In fact, following our current habits and habits, eating Hesse all day long, no waves, no liver and liver tablets.

  Want to protect the liver, first develop a good lifestyle diet is the right way!

  Now many young people have begun to keep in good health early. They have wolfberry in their beer, and Bundi only bounces to health, and eats more health products.

  This is like staying the deepest night and using the most expensive skin care products, the effect is certainly not better.

  If you want to keep healthy, you still have to develop good habits, and a healthy diet is also necessary.