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Saving love

Saving love

A family is a love bank.

This bank can be either a man or a woman chairman. Whether it is booming or going bankrupt depends on how the two operate.

Whether it is the words of a traditional parent’s hitting matchmaker, marriage first, love in the first place, or modern freedom, love at first sight, or today’s fashionable “TV speed dating”, as long as two people take care of it, the bank’s assets will grow year by year.

Otherwise, it will become more and more exhausted.

This is an enterprise, whether state-owned or share-holding, collective or individual, as if it were a day-to-day, or bankruptcy.

The system is one thing, and the key lies in management.

  Since two people have formed a family bank, they need to operate well, not to mention that there are children and elderly people in this unit.

The secret to managing love is to keep saving.

Whether it is a noble official, a working class, or a laid-off job candidate; whether it is a newly-married bird or an old husband and wife, you must not underestimate the savings of love.

Even if you do n’t know each other when you are married, you can accumulate a fortune as long as you deposit more and withdraw less. Even if you are married like paint, it is vigorous. If you ca n’t make ends meet, you will be left alone.

  If the two have a fight, you spend a small sum. If you can give the other side a little tenderness and consideration in time, you can make up for it. If no one cares about this kind of spending, the spending is endless. ThisSmall expenditures can also become big holes.

If one party has an affair, this is a large expenditure. Unless the other party does not know for a while, it seems that the book is not visible, and sooner or later it will happen. Once the other party knows, then it will waste the “financial crisis”.Lose one’s home.

  On the wife’s birthday, the husband buys a cake and saves it; if the husband is unaware and indifferent, this is another expense.

The husband is not very happy in the unit, and the wife’s heartfelt consolation is a sum of deposits; the wife’s sarcasm and satire are another expense.

The same thing, the same situation, you can either spend or save, it depends on how you do it.

Therefore, whether the love bank is booming or not depends on whether the two keep saving or spending unlimitedly.

Saving love, short and momentary funds, every aspect, every bit, a tender love, a cup of hot tea, a knowing humor, a concession in a dispute . all are a gesture of lovedeposit.

  Centennial enterprises need to take every step well.

Centennial couples need to take every step better.

To save love, you need to accumulate thousands of miles and accumulate small streams to form rivers. Even a small income must be estimated. Even a small expenditure should not be easily taken out. Persistence is a considerable wealth.

Especially in the face of “roadside wildflowers”, lover’s secret, dancing girl escort, such a big test, when the big expenditure, we must be more cautious.

Don’t let your bank run down or be merged by someone else because of a moment of confusion.