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What should the elderly pay attention to during the winter?

What should the elderly pay attention to during the winter?

Experts elderly people with temperature and temperature for the elderly to pay attention to what to prevent frostbite in the north of the earth, heavy snow, the temperature drops.

Such weather is very unfavorable for the elderly. The elderly should pay more attention to maintaining body temperature and reducing outdoor activities during the winter.

  Winter is coming, the northern land is snowing and the temperature is lower. For the elderly, winter is not a good season.

How to get through the winter?

Yan Chunmao, an expert from the First People’s Hospital of Xining City, has the following suggestions: ● The body temperature should not be too low. The metabolism of the elderly is slower, so the body temperature will be lower than that of young people.

Staying in the cold environment for a long time will cause the body to lose quickly and cause the body temperature to be too low.

When the temperature outside the house drops below minus 10 months, it is best not to go out, especially when it is windy. If you have to go out, don’t stay too long; wear a scarf or a mask to protect your mouth and nose to prevent cold.The air invades the lungs; trying to stay dry because the clothes above will quickly let the body fight the cold.

If you have already started the Cold War, go back to the house because it is a sign that the body heat is losing.

  Winter time for the elderly to exercise should not be too long, especially for elderly people with coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, it is best to choose indoor exercise, exercise time is between half an hour and 40 minutes.

  ●Anti-frozen nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers and toes are all parts that are prone to frostbite. Pay attention to keeping warm in these areas.

Among them, people with high blood pressure and other diseases of the circulatory system should pay special attention.

When the elderly go out, wrap all parts of the body; if the skin is red, dark or painful, return to the house immediately; understand the signs of frostbite: the skin becomes white or light yellowThe skin feels hard or numb, and the body temperature is lowered.

If you have the above symptoms, it is best to see a doctor.

  ● Drop-proofing is often fatal to the elderly, especially in the winter.

In order to reduce the risk of slipping, once it snows, the elderly should not walk on the road that is frozen or snowy. It is best not to go out. When you go out, you must be accompanied; you must wear shoes with non-slip bottoms; the elderly with crutches,Make sure the rubber sole of the crutches is intact. If it has been smoothed, change one to avoid slipping when walking outside.

  ●When shoveling snow, when the weather is cold, in order to maintain body temperature, the heart load of the elderly will increase, so be careful when working outdoors.

In addition, the shovel used for shoveling snow may cause injury to the elderly, so if the elderly’s ability to balance is not good, or if osteoporosis, similar work is best not to do.