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Great temperature difference, easy cough, kumquat, hydration, cough

Great temperature difference, easy cough, kumquat, hydration, cough

Coming soon in December, the temperature is starting to get the same as a roller coaster.

The sun is shining during the day, and when it gets into the night, it will be cold and windy. How can such a large temperature difference hold down?

The temperature difference is easy to catch a cold, especially the office workers who go out early and return late.

There are a few coughs that don’t go to the hospital to take medicine. Simple diet is very suitable.

Introduce a salted kumquat today that will allow you to reduce the cough erosion while savoring food.

At the end of the year, kumquat is a popular and sought-after fruit.

There is no doubt that kumquat has the effect of removing phlegm and can relieve the symptoms of cough.

Some friends will think that kumquat is a bit sour and not very good. The snack introduced today can make kumquat a better entrance. Come and learn.

Salted kumquat raw materials: Kumquat 500g salt appropriate amount: 1 Wash the kumquat, put it in a ventilated place to dry the water.

You can see the situation dry for one or two days.

2 Choose a clean glassware, spread a layer of salt on the bottom, and then apply a layer of kumquat.

A layer of kumquat is layered with salt and filled with utensils.

3 Gently shake the bottle to mix the kumquat and salt.

Cover the bottle with plastic wrap and screw on the cap.

Put it in a cool place.

Health Benefits 1 Kumquat itself has the effect of relieving cough and nourishing the lungs.

Salted kumquats can extend the insurance time of kumquats. When you need to eat them, take one or two soaked in water to accommodate them.

2 During the pickling process, you can shake the bottle at the right time to make the kumquat and salt better blend together.

In general, you can participate in about a month.

Of course, the longer the pickling time, the better the effect. Generally, the taste is best in half a year.

3 kumquat with salted stains will have the effect of phlegm and cough, raw food can also have such an effect.

You can also cut the fresh kumquat in half, then throw it into the clear water and drink the kumquat water.

Or eat kumquat directly, the effect is very obvious.