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Nutritional breakfast has to eat this way

Nutritional breakfast has to eat this way

Breakfast must have a staple food expert said that breakfast is the most difficult meal to change into a meal in the day, so be sure to take the staple food.

  The breakfast supply is 30% of the whole day, which is mainly supplied by the staple food.

Lack of vitamins and staple foods may cause poor nutrition.

To eat some starchy foods, cereals can be quickly broken down into glucose after absorption, correcting hypoglycemia after sleep.

However, cereals are digested quickly, and there is a sense of drought after 2-3 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to take some protein and a small amount of food, such as eggs, floss, and soy products.

  Soda crackers should not be used for breakfast crispy soda crackers, bread and other dry foods should not be used for breakfast, often have dry mouth and difficult to swallow experience, it is due to the consumption of experience overnight, all kinds of digestive juice has been insufficiently secreted, this dry food is mostly in cereals, lack of high-quality protein, can only supply short-term energy.

Many office workers, due to tight time, often eat while eating, which is not good for gastrointestinal health, and is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

  The fritters may have nitrite at most once a week. The vegetables are extremely unfavorable to health. Don’t be pity, insist on throwing them away, and leave the rest of the leftovers in the refrigerator to be reheated.

The refrigerator is not a pilot.

  In addition, if the soy milk stick is your favorite as breakfast, then be careful.

This kind of food with less nutrients, fried, fried, fried food, trace oil is significantly higher, long-term eating is very unfavorable to the body, so, should not be more than once a week.