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Body shape is thin, Edison Chen wants to gain weight

Body shape is thin, Edison Chen wants to gain weight

After the “Pictures”, Edison Chen opened the ribbon for the Malaysian fashion store Juice. Although his image has plummeted, he still received a large number of fans to support the scene, which is quite lively.

However, it is said that his plan to come back in front of the scene has been put on hold, Edison Chen is difficult to cover up when cutting the ribbon, the body is thin, seems to verify this way.

  There are more than 500 fans on the scene, including male fans.

Some fans came to occupy the seat at 3 o’clock in the morning, hoping for an idol in front of them, and others stood on the shoulders of friends to “stack the arhats” to chase stars.

Chen Guanxi stayed outside the store for about ten minutes. His father Chen Zemin, his sister, and his friend Li Wei also appeared.

  Chen Guanxi’s return to Hong Kong last month caused too much trouble. It was said that he had conspired to come back. However, during the period, he was provoked the “five-minute comeback theory” and caused the city to be criticized. The road to return was full of difficulties.

Perhaps the mood is affected, Edison Chen is lacking in the day of the ribbon-cutting, obviously a lot of thinness, and there are spots and dark sores on the right face.

  In the interview, Edison Chen will not talk about comeback. Instead, the focus will become a behind-the-scenes work. First, the latest record will be produced for the artist of the record company CMD. The next will be the newly signed He Chaoyi and the newcomer CILLA, Ma Mi.”I still work as a producer in four films, but I don’t know if it succeeds or not.”

  The reporter asked Chen Guanxi why he was suddenly thin.

He said: “It is really thin, because I run every day.

But now I want to gain weight.

Later, a reporter asked Chen Guanxi if Gillian was also in Malaysia. He immediately refused to answer on the grounds that “I would not read Chinese.”

The reporter also saw that his left hand still participated in the Cartier bracelet with his girlfriend Yang Yongqing.