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I want my legs

I want my legs

Judging from the shape of our yellow race, mature women’s body shape is basically similar to pear shape, that is, the upper body is thin, the lower body is obese, the wide hips, and the thick thighs give a heavy feeling.

  Thigh liposuction: From the perspective of our yellow figure, mature women’s body shape is basically pear-shaped, that is, the upper body is thin, the lower body is obese, the broad hips, and the thick thighs give a heavy feeling.

The thighs are sturdy, and you can pile up a lot of aunts. When you sit down, the aunts that are hanging under the two thighs will make your image inferior.

  The distribution of feces in the thighs is often uneven. When the front side of the feces accumulates, the front side of the thigh is like an arched bulge. When the side and back side of the feces are piled up, it is called the side of the sag. The larger thigh is particularly short, and when a small amount of feces accumulates in the thigh, summer.When the two legs are rubbed, there will be uncomfortable troubles.

  The thigh liposuction should be combined with my temperament characteristics, the thickness of the legs and calves, and the appropriate shape.

Usually the front end is not big, the calf is not thick, you can reveal the muscles of the thighs faintly, giving people a strong and powerful feeling; people with cheekbones and small calves need to keep a little slight, not to show the legs and calves more.The unevenness comes, but the upper back part of the thigh is implanted anyway, and the slender thigh is suitable for any body type.

The operation was performed under epidural anesthesia, with small inguinal grooves or hip transverse stripes placed on the small tip, and there was no obvious trace after the operation.

  Calf liposuction: A pair of beautiful, slender calves, no matter what kind of skirt, with some kind of shoes, can bring you a sunny day.

If your calves are extremely short and short, then you might be thinking about wearing some kind of trousers to swim through the hot summer. The most annoying thing is the ladies who must wear uniforms, so they have to be shy about the exposed calves.Hidden under the ground or under the chair.

  There is very little subcutaneous sputum in the front of the calf, and a few bones in front of the bone are also very thin. The accumulation of sputum is mainly on the back side, which is on the calf.

There are movements and sensory nerve trunks on the back side of the calf, and the location is not deep.

Some people look like a looped leg because of the muscles of the calf and the slight distribution in the lateral direction.

  When rebuilding a calf’s aunt, you must first consider the person’s leg shape to determine the amount of implant.

The aunt’s aunt distribution is also different from other places.

Therefore, to make the calf more beautiful, the doctor is required to have high surgical skills and rich surgical experience.

The operation is performed on the back side of the pressurization or on the toe. The steering needs to be compressed or worn to wear a strong elastic stocking, and the lower leg is raised to facilitate recovery as soon as possible.