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Longevity elderly psychological decryption

Longevity elderly psychological decryption

Some people have statistically analyzed 200 people in ancient and modern China and foreign countries?
Information on 135-year-olds, of whom 87 are mentally healthy.

5%, ranking first among 21 longevity factors.

The ancients believed that if you want to be ill, you must be right.

“Nei Jing” pointed out that: ignorance, nothingness, sincerity, spirit, and illness.

Modern medical research has proved that all organs of the human body are regulated by the regulation of the brain’s nerves. This kind of dominance can improve the body’s immunity and disease resistance in the case of mental health, thus making people prolong life.

Long-lived elderly people have the following psychological characteristics: optimistic and open-minded.

Most of the long-lived old people have broad minds, peace of mind, enthusiasm for people, willing to work, good at helping others, and not angry at things.

They live freely, easily and generously, without pressure.

Facts have proved that “the mind is narrow and the mind is worried; the mind is wide and the person is happy: people are happy, the disease is hiding.”

  Wide interest.

Most long-lived old people have hobbies and a wide range of interests.

Such as planting flowers and fish, blowing and playing, calligraphy painting, philatelic writing, river fishing and so on.

When you are full of life, you can “get insane” and exercise your brain and body to delay aging.

  Love life.

Most of the long-lived old people have the ambition of “old and sudden, and aiming for a thousand miles”, resulting in a lot of abundant and lively.

This is mainly because they love life and love the family.

They read and read newspapers every day, and they can advance together with the times. Every day, there is something to do and the spirit is pinned.

Moreover, they have a more scientific lifestyle, regular living, guaranteed sleep, and can conform to nature.

Basically, the balance between man and nature has been achieved.

These are naturally good for health and longevity.

  Contentment is always happy.

Studies have shown that if a person has too much extravagance, he will inevitably be disappointed, and his psychological imbalance will affect his health and longevity.

The long-lived old man is full of contentment and contentment.

Because they know that happiness is a day.

Unhappy is also a day. In this case, why not spend every day unhappy?

Therefore, they can proceed from reality and never ask themselves and others.

This kind of kindness, calmness, and contentment mentality keeps their physiology and environment in a balanced and regular state for a long time, paving the way for healthy longevity.

  Festival anger and anger.

On the road of life, it is impossible to have a smooth sailing, and you may encounter all sorts of bumps, setbacks, and even disasters. These naturally cause indignation.

When the long-lived old man encounters this kind of situation, he can completely do anger, go with the flow, think well, see far, self-reliance and self-reliance in adversity, and work hard to get out of the predicament.

  Be wide and treat others.

Most long-lived old people can be strict with themselves and be patient with others.

Everything is not preoccupied, not suffering from loss.

When you suffer losses, you can make some concessions and sacrifices for the country, the collective and others. You can usually look at other people’s strengths and advantages and learn from each other’s strengths.

With such a good psychological and spiritual realm, it is naturally easy to maintain a balance in psychology, which is beneficial to longevity.