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Zhang Shaohan’s 3 Secrets to Peach Skin

Zhang Shaohan’s 3 Secrets to Peach Skin

Zhang Shaohan, 3 Secrets to Peach Skin . Drinking Water and Detox + Fruit Mask Drinking Water and Detox: Zhang Shaohan feels that the most basic elements of healthy skin are ruddy and watery, so drinking more water on weekdays is definitely to maintain water quality skinGood way.

And drinking plenty of water can also help the body to eliminate toxins, girls who love beauty must add more every day.

  Fruit mask: In addition, she will usually make some fruit masks herself to give the skin the most natural and simple nourishment.

  Freshly squeezed fruit juice + sports skincare Freshly squeezed fruit juice: The fruits of fruit are indelible!

As long as I ‘m at home, I will buy a lot of fruits and squeeze fruit juice after a small day. I also like vegetables and more when I eat.

  Sports skincare: Outside of work, she often goes to the fitness club for sports, jogging and the like.

Exercise can not only make your own sky full of confidence, but also turn your voice into strength and become explosive.

  Immediate makeup removal + comprehensive maintenance Immediate makeup removal: When you go home, no matter whether makeup is applied or not, the first thing is to remove makeup. Makeup removal is the only way to maintain. You ca n’t save it at all. Complete makeup removal can give the skin a rest, and gently massageWipe it off until the makeup remover or paper under the tissue has no color.

  Comprehensive maintenance: After washing your face, apply toner and apply eye cream, lotion, night cream, essence, etc. in an appropriate amount according to personal needs.