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Special Aerobics for Transforming Men

Special Aerobics for Transforming Men

Among the white-collar workers, some male staff members do not pay attention to exercise and eat too often. Therefore, the abdomen of the abdomen has been hoarding over the years, forming an eye-catching “beer belly”.

  Some men are about to suffer from bodily hypertrophy and thick thighs.

Here is a prescription for men who have the above-mentioned bad body shape, and recommend a set of special aerobics that are popular abroad and are practiced in the office.

  As long as you spend 15 minutes a day doing it for about a month, the extra aunt who “stays” on the waist, abdomen, and buttocks will gradually disappear, and a body full of male charm will definitely be reflected in you.

  Push-up exercise A: Put your hands on two chairs that are about one fist apart apart, keep your body as straight as possible, and then do push-ups.

This exercise will exercise the triceps of the upper arm.

  Push-up exercise B: The preparation posture before exercise is the same as that of A, but to increase the intensity of the exercise, place your feet on the table.

Straighten your legs.

Do push-ups slowly, this can stimulate the muscle groups of the arm and gradually become tough.

  Squat exercise: Separate your legs, about the same width as your shoulders, slightly extend the tip of your legs, bend your legs slightly, and hold your hands around your back brain.

Then, squat forward slowly until your thighs are flat on the ground.

Then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee joint.

  Sideways bending exercise: Hold a tote with the appropriate weight and the palm of the other hand against the back of your head.

Then the bag dangled naturally as if pulled to the ground, and the body bent sideways along with it.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag, and slowly straighten your body.

Left and right alternate.

  Backward movement: With your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold the chair with one hand to keep your upper body fixed, and then straight forward and forward, while slowly leaning your waist toward the back. Keep this position until you are tired.

This exercise is feasible for the front muscles of the thighs that are strong and exhausting your aunt.

  Knee-curving exercise: The hips touch the chair slightly, and hold the edge of the chair with both hands.

Let the ground bend easily, put your legs together, then slowly bring the alignment closer to the right, and then slowly recover.