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Boshi Anfeng’s 18-month fixed bond fund has been opened for purchase on November 12

Boshi Anfeng’s 18-month fixed bond fund 佛山桑拿网 has been opened for purchase on November 12

Annualized income of Class A shares since its establishment.

35% Boshi Anfeng’s 18-month bond issuance is open and the long-term investment attractiveness of the domestic bond market is increasing. The data shows that it can quickly flood into the domestic bond market. Since December 2018, ChinaBond has become an overseas institution.The value of custodian bonds has increased for 11 consecutive months, and it has continuously set a new historical record (data source: Chinabond Boarding Company, at the end of October).

Generally speaking, the regular open-ended bond funds with medium and long maturity have also attracted much attention in recent years, and the market size has grown rapidly.

  In this context, the 18-month Boshi Anfeng bond fund with a moderate closing period (Class A: 160515; Class C: 160523) has been open for subscription since November 12 (November 12 to November 18, 2019Japan), investors who are optimistic about the value of the allocation of the medium and long-term bond market may wish to pay attention to the opportunity of the opening period once every 18 months.

  As one of the first batch of debt-funding bases affiliated with the Boshi Fund, Boshi Anfeng has spanned 4 operating cycles and nearly 7 years. It has gone through many rounds of bull and bear tests and has rewarded excellence in the past.

Boshi Anfeng’s 18-month fixed bond A was established on August 22, 2013, and ended on the fourth operation period on November 11, 2019. The fund has gradually returned 55 since its establishment.

32%, annualized income injection 7 since its establishment.

35%, ranking 6/121 in competition, and 9 in the last operating period.


(Data source: Galaxy Securities, Wind) Boshi Anfeng 18-month fixed bond A (160515) historical returns at all stages (Data source: Wind) Boshi Anfeng (Class A: 160515; Class C: 160523) as a stereotypeBond-opening funds have the characteristics of small liquidity shocks, large leverage space, and more stable returns, which are more suitable for allocation under the current market background.

According to a recent research report released by Henyep Securities, the fixed-debt bond fund has shined and extended since this year. The issuance of new debt-based funds has accelerated, and the capacity has been continuously expanded. Gradually, the mid-to-long-term pure debt funds in the top three quarters of this year ‘s performance are almostAll of them are regular open-end funds. This is because fixed-open funds have more stable debts and can more easily use the “leverage + coupon” strategy in an “asset shortage” environment.

  Behind the outstanding performance is the steady and steady development of Boshi Fund in the field of fixed bond funds.

Boshi Fund is one of the first companies in the market to establish fixed bond offerings, with rich management experience. According to Winddata, the average number and performance of fixed bond offerings managed by Boshi over the years have been at the forefront of the market.The average yield of fixed-debt pure debt products is 6.

26%, which is higher than the market-wide pure bond products5.

64% average return.

(Data source: Wind, products with statistical performance are products that have been established for one year in the year of the statistical date). The fixed income investment ability of Boshi Fund has been outstanding in the past. The Boshi Fund’s fixed income team has accumulated a deep foundation.And valuable experience, the average management scale of senior investment managers is more than 10 billion yuan, the average investment manager of the company has reached 11 years of employment, and the core characters of the team, Shao Kai, Huang Jianbin, Guo Jun, etc. all have about 20 years of experience (data source: BoshiFund, 20190630).

According to the data of Galaxy Securities, as of the end of the third quarter of this year, 31 of Boss ‘fixed income products had annual revenues of more than 4%, 10 products had revenues of more than 6%, 5 products had revenues of more than 10%, and 2 products had revenues of more than 20%.

  Mr. Cheng Zhuo, a fund manager of Boshi Anfeng, has more than 10 years of financial industry experience and rich experience in pure debt investment. He is good at exploring value through tools such as fundamental analysis, logical analysis of major asset linkages, and reverse critical analysis in “crowded transactions”.Depression, realizing excess 苏州夜网论坛 returns.

  Regarding the allocation strategy for the next working period, Cheng Zhuo said that the credit spread continues to maintain a low and volatile trend. Although the coupon protection has reached a low level, under the current “wide currency + wide credit” environment, there is limited space for risk-free interest rates.The value of credit bond arbitrage is still in place, and the allocation attributes are still dominant.

Strategically grasp the coupon value of credit bonds, especially the returns of urban investment bonds, increase the sinking strength in the urban investment sector, and at the same time moderately extend the duration and increase the long-term allocation income of the portfolio. Short-term credit bonds can still use high yields.Real estate to strengthen.